Council Members

Malcolm Austwick
Brook House, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 7EG
01225 832655
Chairman, planning lead, planning strategy, planning applications,
parish activities and communication

Malcolm Austwick – Registration of Interests

Rob Burdett
Vice- Chairman, IT lead, planning, defibrillator

Rob Burdett – Registration of Interests

Rod Davies
Environment leadThe Avenue, data protection

Rod Davies- Registration of Interests

Crock Harrison
Fosse Farm, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 8RF
01225 833946
Assets lead, cemetery, planning applications (trees), marquee

Andrew Harrison – Registration of Interests

Paul Wontner
Middle Rowley, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 7EF
Parish activities and communications lead, emergency planning

Paul Wontner- Registration of Interests

Janet Young
2 Croft Cottages, Combe Hay, Bath, BA2 7EG
01225 833565
Highways and rights of way lead, cemetery

Janet Young – Registration of Interests

Joan Grieveson
The Old School House, Combe Hay, Bath, BA2 7EG

Joan Grieveson – Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Olga Shepherd