Council Members

Malcolm Austwick
Brook House, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 7EG
01225 832655
Chairman, planning lead, planning strategy, planning applications,
parish activities and communications
Register of Interests Malcolm Austwick

Simon Bellars
Rectory Cottage, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 7EG
01225 836093
Finance lead, planning applications, flood rep
Register of Interests Simon Bellars

Rob Burdett

Rod Davies

Crock Harrison
Fosse Farm, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 8RF
01225 833946
Assets lead, cemetery, planning applications (trees), environment

Paul Wontner
Middle Rowley, Combe Hay, Bath BA2 7EF
Parish activities and communications lead,
Register of Interests – Paul Wontner

Janet Young
2 Croft Cottages, Combe Hay, Bath, BA2 7EG
01225 833565
Highways and rights of way lead, cemetery
Register of Interests Janet Young



Robin Campbell
4 Monmouth Paddock, Norton St Philip, Bath BA2 7LA